Land Development & Gardens With Hidden Potential

Land Development & Gardens With Hidden Potential

Land Development & Gardens
With Hidden Potential

Why Contribute Development Land to Satisfy the Housing Demand?
Updated January 2022

Outside of London, fewer parts of the UK offer a stronger capital appreciation on property values than those within our home counties, and within these arguably none more so than England’s most centrally located Chiltern Hills. This region continues to see the ongoing demand for housing at the highest levels ever recorded. As a result, there is a demand for land from existing landowners to satisfy the housing demand.

Working together with ourselves as agent mediators, landowners, developers, and the local planning authority are able to satisfy the housing demand by creating landsites that would otherwise be unavailable. In short, financially incentivising the landowner to sell parcels of their land creates new opportunities on second-hand residential sites, while also maintaining the esteemed natural beauty, ecology, and heritage of the local area.

Hidden Development Potential Within Modest Gardens/
Obvious Development Sites

While the ability to develop large land sites is usually obvious to the layperson, a high percentage of sites with development potential are less than obvious, being hidden from the property owners. Such landsites can be small irregular garden sections or unused peripheral garden areas or even a modest three-meter-wide strip, capable of forming a vehicular access to a neighbouring landowners land which without such an access, would not permit the adjoining site to be developed. Worth mentioning that although our land agents will commonly expose a complete development site, smaller land parcels will often need to combine with other adjacent land parcels to form one aggregate site for single or multiple property development.

Our further work entails contacting these landowners to seek their collaboration and at which stage the reasoning behind the division of profits will then be outlined to them. Perhaps not surprisingly, a unified harmonious approach of neighbour land-owner inclusion is usually viewed by the planning authority in a more favourable light when they are considering the social and infrastructural impact of the application on the surrounding locality.

Why Choose Beaconsfield as your Land and Development Agents?

We do not charge the landowner a fee! Our service is undertaken in the landowner’s most favourable and financial interests and at no service cost to themselves by our firm. After the planning process has concluded with appropriate planning consent, one of several competing and able land-purchasers / developers will be chosen at which time the permitted land site will exchange contracts. Upon this contractual exchange, we as the land-agent, will effectively ‘change hats’ and seek our remuneration from the land-purchaser / developer, who we will then act for in the sale of the future new homes.

We have at our disposal the broad spectrum of specialist planning and allied consultants within this field. These include Architectural Practices involved in small, medium, and large scale developments, Planning Consultants, Civil Engineering and Groundworks, Geological and Ground Surveying, Water and Waste, Contamination and Chemical Surveyors, Asbestos Removal, Property-Lawyers and Legal Counsel, and Construction Companies.

We strive to achieve the most lucrative and preferable outcome for our landowners. This is the result of knowledge through business relationships and skills acquired by our team over the past forty years and while acting in residential, business, industrial and commercial land acquisition in Beaconsfield and throughout the South-East. Our extensive database of land-purchasers / developer-buyers has been accrued over decades ranging from the UK’s largest house-builders to the one-off seasonal builder, whose low overheads often allow the most competitive offers. Along with our first-hand knowledge of the broadest aspects of planning and construction, we feel this underpins our claim to being your leading property development specialists.

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