Top Qualities to Look for in an Estate Agency

Top Qualities to Look for in an Estate Agency

When it comes to selling your home, the experience can be both exciting and stressful! To ensure the best chance of success, finding a competent and passionate estate agent is key. But what do you need to look for?

At Beaconsfield Estate Agents Agents we have highlighted five qualities that you should always look for when it comes to finding a leading estate agency. We hope you find this article helpful.
1. Excellent Communication
Excellent communication skills are vital. Your agent should be in touch with you every step of the way and keep you up to date with any changing developments. The housing market is time sensitive, so a no.1 estate agent will be sure to update you with any information that may affect your buying or selling situation immediately. In short, prompt communication is a key skill-set for any estate agent.

2. Proactivity
Proactivity is key! An experienced agent should always be proactive when it comes to engaging with the market through speaking with prospective buyers, existing customers,and pursuing new leads. The need for a client to chase their agent for updates or answers is in our view highly regressive, doing nothing to further the client-agent relationship. For this reason, we have always considered client communication as a crucial factor for success. Having an agent with their finger on the pulse ensures a direct feed from you to the property market in your areas and the wider UK. This gives you all the information you need to make the decisions best for you. 

3. Adaptable
Adapting to you, to get the best result. Sometimes now is the only time, sometimes WhatsApp video call is the only way. Whatever your needs are for your current situation, a leading estate agent will ensure that they are met. If you prefer to receive a weekly update WhatsApp message at 11pm on a Tuesday night, it’s crucial that your agent is available to you then when you need them to discuss your property situation. 

4. Integrity At All Times
Integrity should be your company’s crucial ‘given’, while involved with two parties – seller / applicant-buyer, and large sums of money. Transparency and honesty is always the best policy and will inevitably encourage a mutual harmony where both sides are content with the decisions they have made along the way, based on full disclosure.  

5. Honesty 
Estate agents are legally obliged to be honest to their clients and abide by a professional code of practice. However, there may at times be legal requirements and adopted ethical codes of practice that obscure information from a party. A top tier agent will signal these obstacles and help you navigate, to keep the channels of communication clear and open.
5. Testimonials
Client testimonials are valuable sentiments of an agent’s credibility, authority and trust. These proclamations demonstrate where they have succeeded in managing various property scenarios. A good estate agency should have numerous examples of over the moon individuals ready to shout their praises, both from the past and present! 

Last thoughts…
Did you find this article helpful? Selling your home is a very exciting time but you need to find an experienced and skilled estate agency to ensure the process is seamless and successful. 

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