3 Top Tips for Landlords and Tenants this Bonfire and Fireworks Night

3 Top Tips for Landlords and Tenants this Bonfire and Fireworks Night

Bonfire and Fireworks Night has arrived. This weekend, many people living in the UK will be holding fireworks displays and building bonfires in their gardens at home. If a homeowner is following local council laws, they are perfectly within their legal rights to light a bonfire and let off a firework display. But what are the rules for rental tenants?  What safety measures should a landlord put in place for their tenants this weekend? At Beaconsfield Estate Agents, we have outlined three helpful tips for tenants and their landlords to follow. We hope you find this useful.

 1.The Tenancy Agreement
As a landlord, did you include a specific clause in the tenancy agreement prohibiting bonfires and fireworks? If not, it is still advised for your tenants to speak to you before they build a bonfire or set up a firework display, to prevent any potential conflicts from arising. Many standard tenancy agreements include a clause that prohibits a property being used for antisocial behaviour’ that may disturb the peace and aggravate their neighbours, and this can include a tenant letting off loud fireworks and building unsafe bonfires.

2. Tenant Tips
As a rule of thumb, tenants should always try and get permission from both their landlord and neighbours if they are planning on holding a large social gathering, especially a firework display. If loud noise is inevitable, then a tenant should aim to keep the party limited to an agreed short period of time.

As a landlord, if your tenants have neighbours who are elderly or have pets then fireworks can cause them a lot of anxiety and distress. If you are a tenant looking at celebrating this weekend, consider the elderly and the animals and try and keep celebrations to a minimum especially if partying late into the evening. Additionally, tenants should take into consideration the risk of causing serious damage to their rental property. Fireworks can cause substantial damage to lawns, fences, and patios, not to mention destruction to the external structure of the rental property which can be extremely costly to repair.

3. Health & Safety
Health and safety should be the number one priority this weekend, especially with there being so many injuries sustained each year during Bonfire and Fireworks Night. Shockingly, from 2000 and 2005 (the last year for which statistics were collected) a staggering 6,637 people were injured and needed hospital attention, whilst two people tragically died. 

As a landlord, if tenants are permitted to set off fireworks, it is vital that you can provide a specified area allocated for letting off fireworks, away from your property and any trees, vegetation, and fences.  Fireworks can be extremely dangerous in enclosed areas like a small garden or outdoor patio area, but not nearly as hazardous as a bonfire. If your tenant does not safely prepare and build a bonfire, it can cause catastrophic damage if uncontrolled. If your tenants are holding a bonfire on your property, ensure that safety barriers are used if children are attending and that guests are kept at a safe distance from the fire.


We hope you found this article helpful. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, ensure that the correct safety precautions are put in place this weekend to ensure a safe and happy event. For more information on all our rental properties and our other services and bespoke packages please contact us directly at:

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