4 Top Tips for Selling Your Home in Autumn

4 Top Tips for Selling Your Home in Autumn

Are you thinking of selling your home this autumn? If so, you may be pleased to know that autumn can be a perfect time to sell a property, with many prospective buyers wishing to be in their new home by Xmas, meaning a sale can be completed relatively quickly! At Beaconsfield Estate Agents and Beaconsfield Country Estate Agents, we have highlighted four top tips for selling your home in autumn. We hope you find this article helpful.

1. Lighting

Autumn is here, the nights grow longer and our natural sunlight begins to diminish. With less daylight available, it can be worth investing in some nice lighting to illuminate your home.  A simple yet effective way of brightening up your home is to install a side lamp in a corner of your room. Simple lighting can add ambience and make a room feel warmer and more intimate. In other rooms of your home, consider brighter lighting, by switching up your lightbulbs. Many sellers can transform a room easily by using new ‘daylight’ bulbs which can create a very welcoming environment for potential purchasers, enabling them to see your home more clearly in all its splendour.

2. Clear Away the Fallen Leaves

Autumn looks to have come early this year with many gardens in Britain being transformed into a colourful canvas of orange, brown, and yellow fallen leaves. However, no matter how beautiful your garden may look this autumn, make sure to clear fallen leaves away before viewings begin. Clearing away the dead leaves so they do not obstruct your pathways and garden will look tidy, neat, and help your viewers get a real sense of the living space available.

3. Turn Up the Heating

This autumn, ensure you create a warm and welcoming environment for potential buyers when they walk through your door for viewings. Turn your house into a cosy refuge from the cold by lighting the fire if you have the means to do so, as a lit fire can transform the atmosphere of any room. As the temperature outside drops, an open fire can not only create a warm, cosy environment viewers will be drawn to, but it can also focus attention on the key features of your home during initial viewings.  

 4. Autumnal Hues and Aromas

Attract potential new buyers by transforming your home into an autumnal haven. Consider leaning into the season and furnishing your house with textured warm coloured fabrics, cushions and throws and burning pumpkin scented oils and candles to create an inviting atmosphere. Bring the outdoors in for autumnal styling this year and place pumpkins in the corners of the rooms or by the fireplace. Also consider hanging baskets of winter foliage outside that have attractive aromas and colours, enhancing the autumn feel of your property.

Closing thoughts…

Creating a space that someone can imagine themselves feeling comfortable and relaxed in is very important. Be aware that you don’t want to overdo it, as it’s important to let the property speak for itself and communicate to the potential buyers the different opportunities that lay in it’s purchase.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are eager to get your home on the market to sell or rent this autumn, or you are interested in buying or renting then please call us to speak with a friendly and experienced member of our team:

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