4 Top Tips for Renting a Home In 2022

4 Top Tips for Renting a Home In 2022

So you’re thinking of renting a property in Beaconsfield, or maybe within a 20 mile radius, Buckinghamshire or the greater Home Counties in 2022? This article will help to give you with information you need to make the right decision. 

At ‘Beaconsfield’ and ‘Beaconsfield Country’ Estate Agents we have highlighted four most important top tips for tenants looking to rent in 2022. 

1. Clarity Is Key
At Beaconsfield and Beaconsfield Country Estate Agencies, we believe clarity is key. We advise all our tenants to be clear on what is important for them when finding their ideal rental property. 

Ask yourself the following questions:
* What type of property am I looking for?
* What is my budget? 
* What features are important to me? Light, garden etc
* Am I looking for a property that is pet friendly?  
* Which local amenities are important to me? Shops, schools etc
* If i had to, what am I willing to compromise on? 

Sites like Spareroom and Zoopla allow you to customise your search, but it may also be useful starting here to see what criteria you may wish to include in your search. 

Many landlords are also happy to accommodate different types of tenancy so always explain your situation and whether you are looking for a short term or long-term tenancy. 

We are happy to communicate and negotiate your needs and requirements with the landlord to make you as comfortable as possible in your new home. 

2.  Research the Area
Location, location, location is still one of the most important factors to consider when renting a home. Take your time researching the area. One of the benefits of renting is that you can move once your tenancy ends, but thinking short-term will often cost more in the long term. Instead ensure that this is the location you see yourself living in for the foreseeable future. If you have a family, then you may also want to research a broad range of local schools and amenities on offer. 

Work out distances to places you regularly visit and consider how your everyday travel will shift. Google maps has a great function for making maps with multiple routes,

School catchment search -  https://www.schoolguide.co.uk

3. Don’t Delay
Rental properties over the twenty-mile radius of Beaconsfield continue to be in high demand with desirable properties tending to receive several bids within just a few hours or days of coming on the market. If the property you like ticks all the right boxes, then it is best to act quickly and decisively. If you have found your ideal rental property and can move into it quickly, then this can make your offer more enticing as it reduces the landlord’s void period.

This means being prepared before you view to put down a deposit if it ticks all your boxes. 

4. Best Offer
According to published national statistics, rental demand is up by 6% in the UK in 2022. At Beaconsfield & Beaconsfield Country Estate Agency, we always advise tenants to do what they can to secure their ideal property by commencing with their best offer. Hopeful tenants often lose out on a property by going in with an offer that is just too low and frequent occasions when tenants have then been forced to go above the asking price to secure the tenancy, after a rival offer has come in. 

Offering the asking price can seem obvious but it firms your interest and means that there is no chance you will miss out due to not meeting the landlord desired price.

Closing thoughts…
We hope this article helped to provide you with the information you need to make the right decision on securing your ideal rental property in Beaconsfield and over its twenty-mile radius. 

We are always here for any advice 
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