4 Halloween Safety Tips For Landlords

4 Halloween Safety Tips For Landlords

If you are a landlord, make sure your property is safe and secure for your tenants, and their visitors during the ghoulish festivities this Halloween. In preparation for Halloween, ensure you safeguard your rental property, as you may be legally responsible for any injuries that may happen to your tenants on your property. Here at Beaconsfield Estate Agents, we have identified four Halloween safety tips to help ensure your tenants and their visitors have an enjoyable and safe celebration this year.

1. Clear Pathways
Spooky decorations like hanging cobwebs, skeletons, and pumpkins can instantly turn into tripping hazards if not properly positioned within your property. Tenants wearing cumbersome outfits and masks that impair their vision have a higher risk of tripping over Halloween decorations that line your property. Reduce the risk of your tenants and their visitors hurting themselves by clearing the pathways of your property. Make sure you let your tenants know that there is a safe and clear footpath to the front door of your rental property this Halloween. This is crucial, especially if trick or treaters visit your property, as children can easily trip up over any loose debris that is not cleared away.

2. Illuminating your Property
Although dimming the lights this Halloween can help create a creepy atmosphere, having a well-lit home is essential to ensure your tenants and their guests are safe and secure during the spooky celebrations. Additional lighting helps illuminate pathways and reduces the risk of people injuring themselves from falling over in areas of your property that are poorly lit. Some landlords may install an entrance light or if required, additional lights in the front and back garden to light up the pathways surrounding the home.

3. Reduce the Risk of Fire Hazards
If your tenants are decorating your property with Halloween pumpkins, ensure they take extra care when lighting them especially if there are flammable decorations nearby. Many landlords are switching the candles around their home and inside pumpkins with battery powered tea lights. According to statistics given by the Home Office this year, there are 'more than one thousand candle fires each year in Britain.’ Worryingly, the number of Britons killed by candle fires has doubled in the last twenty-four months. Switching to battery operated tea lights can reduce the risks of home fires and prove a safer alternative to using traditional candles. A fire can easily spread if a lit jack o lantern is knocked over in the home, which will not happen with battery-operated lights. This Halloween keep your property safe by requesting your tenants switch to battery operated lights.

4. Lock Doors and Windows
This Halloween, ensure your rental property is securely locked. Sadly, there is a higher risk of vandalism and burglary incidents this time of year. If your tenants are leaving their rental property for the evening to attend a Halloween party remind them to secure windows, doors, garages, and side gates. Some landlords may even consider updating their security systems and installing CCTV around their property to provide their tenants with extra protection this Halloween. 

Final thoughts…
Halloween is just around the corner, so it is crucial to begin applying these four straightforward safety tips to help avoid any scary mishaps from happening. For more information on all our rental services and bespoke packages please contact us directly at:

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